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Disjoy - Red sky (Richter Scale)


Amazing Post-Punk kinda like Pornography-era Cure and the first Killing Joke album. Only £8. trades/wholesale welcome.

"Cardiff band Disjoy have released an album containing sound content of rare violence and disorder. Red Sky imagines the forefathers of punk and in doing so reacts to the injustice of society and political farce. Disjoy were in their early stages as a band when disaster struck. The album is devoted to Mainwaring’s late father who died suddenly and in tragic circumstances in 2016. .
Red Sky explodes from a Peter Hook like bass line, low slung and unholy. The first track and first single from the album, Divided, is an unstable and violent lament to the disenfranchised. Short spits and sneers his Carmarthenshire propaganda around a tight reoccurring rhythm, Divided is a genuinely fine punk single and the most accessible on the record. Asked about the process of writing their songs, Mainwaring explains “we usually start with a riff that Matt will come up with and bring into practice. Then we usually play along and try to arrange it as best we can”.
The records second track Control cements the direction of Red Sky: no nonsense will be tolerated here. Your ears will bleed and your heart will race. The distorted buzz and electric prayer fizzes through the track. Matt Short elaborates on the records overall anarchic tone, “there’s a lot out there that I don’t think we agree with…that factors into any darkness that we might have in our music. The political climate at the moment is a big factor in the anger and just the trials and tribulations of being a human being”.
The title track is a contradiction of classic post-punk with visions of Joy Division’s Shadowplay – yet here Disjoy introduce a paranoid and distorted anguish cloaked in hate, where rhythm section and home-made pedal samples grate against Short’s possessive shrieks. This album is designed to be heard live and that is reflected in the raw production from start to finish. This is not an easy listen – Red Sky is not sugar coated for wider accessibility. This is undiluted punk music made for punks." Words by Jimmy Gallagher (Quiffed Owl)