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Richter Scale Records

Judy And The Jerks - 7 Songs Just For You! (Richter Scale)


Judy And The Jerks hail from the unlikely new capital of the punk world - Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I'm assuming JJ feature members of Big Bleach, Baghead, and Eye Jammy.

'7 Songs Just For You' compiles both their 'Demo' and '3 Songs From Us To You' tapes that came out earlier this year.

Killer, snotty punk at it's best......

"What I do know about this band is that they seriously rip. They play candy-coated garage-punk at whiplash speeds, their guitar-led assault synesthetically conjuring images of neon hamburger signs and pink chainsaws. Musically, it could be almost any year after 1977, but the lyrics let you know it’s 2017 and this is the Tumblr Era. “All I care about is La Croix / I don’t care about your stupid boy.” Well, yeah. Best enjoyed with a classic Melón Pomelo." taken from Boston Hassle.