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Richter Scale Records

Trash Knife - Trash Life (Secret Identity / P.Trash / Dig The Fuzz)


7" release of this recording that came out on cassette a while back. Here's what we had to say about the cassette: "Man, what is it with Philly lately? How many good cassettes can come from this city in a single month? While it seems like Enamel and S-21, at least, come from the same scene, I could be wrong but Trash Knife seem like a little bit of an outlier. They're one of those bands that's probably a bit too catchy and major-key-oriented to be quickly described (or even dismissed) as hardcore, but they're also way too mean and aggressive to be mistaken for pop-punk. Thanks to the snarling lady on the mic, I'd put this in the same camp as bands like Neighborhood Brats, Bad Daddies, and No Love. In other words, it's punk that's informed by the intensity and straightforward pop-oriented songwriting of 90s riot grrrl stuff, but also by the manic tempos and musical complexity of the last decade or so of DIY hardcore."

Beavis And Butthead cover.