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Richter Scale Records

Gentlemen - Pro Famine (Ken Rock)

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Latest 7" from this Australian band, and man is it a ripper. It's funny, with releases on Episode Sounds and now Ken Rock, Gentlemen seem to be getting pretty well known in the garage / retro punk scenes, but their music isn't really like that at all. Instead, it's heavy, mean and nasty music existing somewhere on the fringes between noise rock and hardcore. They remind me of bands like Nasa Space Universe, Gay Kiss, and Coltranes... musically dissimilar bands, for sure, but ones that share a certain skewed, perhaps even slightly psychedelic take on hardcore. The production on this two-songer is absolutely top-notch, exploding out of the speakers, grabbing you, and not letting go. I recommended their earlier releases as well, but this one is even better. Killer.

Description stolen from Sorry State Records.