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Richter Scale Records

Guilt Police - S/T 7" (previously known as Girl Power)

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Great debut outing from Oxfords Girl Power. Awesome hardcore with variety, riffs, humor and intelligence. If you're not shouting "We are white goods! We are white goods!" by the end of the first song (appropriately called (We Are) White Goods then there is something wrong with you! Other titles include Buying Cigarettes for Kids, Village Noticeboard, The Daytime Ritual and Monday Sport and each one thrashes, crashes, twists and turns from start to finish. There a bits of D-beat (drummer Stephen used to be in the damn good BERSICKER), US and UK hardcore, a bit of Amp Rep kinda stuff... it's hard to pin down exactly what's going in the pot here but it all works brilliantly together and makes a 5 song slab of scintillating noise-rock that bears repeated listens. Seriously good! Limited to 250 copies so don't sleep on it!

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